Friday, March 19, 2010


So I picked an interesting time to kick-off this new blog. I am moving tomorrow...I am not done packing AND I am trying to juggle all of this on my own. Thank the universe for the lovely skill of multi-tasking. I have been networking and trying to work own promotion for my blog this morning while nursing the baby. All the while I am downing multiple cups of coffee to try and counteract my lack of sleep last night. I have also been packing for the boys to go to my mom's house for the weekend, I am so happy she is able to keep them for us. We still have painting to get done and A LOT of things to move into the new house. I am thinking Adelea will be living in the Moby this weekend. We bought Olympic Eco paint so now fumes for us or the kiddos. I am waiting on really cool samples to try and then I will be writing up a review that will include a giveaway! For a sneak peak see the site- Yoreganics ! Okay I need to be out of here in 30 minutes and I am not even dressed yet....and by the look,sound and smell of things I have some poopy cloth to change :) Have a lovely Friday everyone!

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