Monday, March 22, 2010

Cloth is...... what I've got!

I am in the process of deciding which cloth dipe I plan on reviewing first. There are some that I do hold a very dear love for. I am having trouble making up my mind. I've been contemplating the idea of reviewing a new diaper that I have never used before. My diaper stash has a very wide variety. I do have a bit of everything out there and honestly my preference changes with the wind. In the beginning I was a strict prefold and cover user. I thought that anything more than that was ridiculous and wasteful. Then, one day it happened, I bought my first fitted.( a very popular and pricey one at that) There went the days of prefolds alone. Soon after the fluffy mail started rolling in! Now I have fittteds,customs,AIOs,pockets,hybrids,contours,
wool,fleece,PUL covers you name it I've got it :) Lately I have been trying to convince the man of the house this is a serious hobby. My diapers are a part of an elite collection and not
JUST things used for function alone. I actually think that there are a lot of CDing moms out there who feel like this. It is perfectly okay, as long as your not spending bill money on your diapers! Make sure you at least keep a good balance, if your not reaching for some of your diapers sell them - make room and Paypal for some new ones ;) A great resource for selling your dipes and finding great deals on new ones it Spot's Corner on HyenaCart.
I am diligently working on the line-up for my reviews/giveaways. Hopefully, fingers crossed I will launch the first one for the week of March 29th! Stay tuned ladies!


  1. such a cute pic!! found you via MBC

  2. Look at that little chunky monkey!!! She needs to come see me, shes getting huge.



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