Saturday, March 20, 2010


What a beautiful Saturday. We were supposed to be moving today, but I think that it being postponed due to a delay in the carpet installation. I am very busy arranging reviews and giveaways for this blog that I hope you will all be interested in! I really want to spread the word on amazing products that you will love. I have such a long list of things, but I want to be organized about it. I can tell you that in the works are the products from Yoreganics and a natural nursing necklace crafted by a WAHM. I am so excited to be sharing these things with you very soon.

I also wanted to touch on the baby-wearing scare. My mother called me the other day to tell me that she heard 22 babies had died in the Moby wrap. This has been my daughters main mode of transportation since she was born. I, like any other concerned mother hit the Internet to see what was up. Well her facts were wrong, but there was a whole lot of hype due to to a recent death of a one week old baby. If you search for dangers of baby carriers all kinds of things show up. I think there have probably been accidents in every type of carrier whether it be suffocation or a fall resulting in injury. My opinion on this is this: THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY SAFE! ( when used properly) Not to mention the undeniable benefits to mother and child from sharing that closeness. You can not blame the companies for the negligence of the consumer. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure the safety of your baby. Please make sure your checking the position of your child when wearing them . You need to ensure that there is an adequate airway at all times. If your baby is curled into a C shape they can very easily suffocate and that is a tragedy that no parent should have to meet. When doing my research I came across some things that did concern me. When looking through all of the fan photos on Moby Wrap's facebook page I was astonished at what I saw. There were very large quantities of parents who had their babies in the Moby wrap EXACTLY how the book advises them NOT to. It was actually scary, you can tell by looking, that these wraps are being used improperly. The instructions that accompany all of these wraps specifically show the
Dos and Don'ts of their product. I want to encourage everyone to make sure that you are using your product properly.There are plenty of resources available if you are unsure. Look for local stores or baby-wearing groups who would be very willing to assist you in using your wrap,carrier or sling. BE SAFE your babies life is at stake!

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