Friday, April 30, 2010

Family Friday

Today we are having a family day. We do not get to do this every Friday, but today is Steven's 27th Birthday and he has the day off. We have been spending the morning just getting  things done around the house including Steven mowing the grass, which was definitely overdue :) I know not such a great way to spend your birthday, but when you have a family not too many days are about you anymore. The boys had their toy lawn mower outside mowing away trying to be just like him, it was adorable. I of course took advantage of this lovely day to take some pictures of everyone.
Today was also Adelea's first real "in the grass" experience-she loved it! I was able to get some really great pictures of her. She actually managed to get from sitting down to her belly to get a closer look- For a second I thought she was going to have a grass buffet! She is such a happy baby. One day I will post some pics as me as a baby compared to her- She is a beautiful combination of both Steven and I- depending on her expression she can favor both of us!
I had attempted to dress the kids in matching outfits and take some pictures. As you will see someone was not too happy about this whole idea.(Aidan Waden-on the left) He quickly ran away after 2 pictures of all three of them. I hope to be able to get some more this spring- I never knew how hard it would be to get three kids to look and smile at the same time.
And last but not least Adelea and her mommy- I hope the rest of the day will stay this beautiful. I thought about seeing if Steven might want to go to Friday's after 5- Our downtown mall has this all spring and summer long- free music, lots of neat vendors,people and places to eat!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bye-Bye Plastic Wrap

Little by little I have tried to eliminate as much waste from our lives as possible. I try to live by the standard of REDUCE, REUSE &RECYCLE. I am on a mission to raise my children this way. I am always very excited to find something reusable to substitute something that we would typically throw away on a regular basis. So when I got the opportunity to try out two new products from Meg A Roo Designs I was intrigued. Meg-A-Roo's is owned and operated by a wonderful work at home mom of three named Meagan. She makes all of her items by hand all while providing wonderful customer service.

Meagan sent me two things that I have never used before. The first was an Extended tab prefold (which I will be posting at another time) and the second was one of her "Stretch-A- Roo's". These are reusable covers made from PUL perfect for replacing plastic wrap and tin foil. She makes them in 8 different sizes. They hold a tight seal and keep food very fresh. You can also just toss them right into the regular laundry and use over and over again! Stretch-A-Roo's are available for custom order as well-if you don't find what you need from her website. They come in very handy when there is the inevitable misplaced top. I don't know about your kitchen but mine seems to eat things on occasion :)

I was sent an extra small size which I immediately put to good use. This size was great to use for covering small jars of homemade baby food. I also used it to cover my kid's leftover drinks to save for later. I really thought the quality of the Stretch-A-Roo's was wonderful. It has held up wash after wash and still keeps things as fresh as the first day I got it! Please stop by Meagan's website-she makes lots of wonderful reusable products including awesome cloth diapers. Please continue to support small businesses especially
work at home moms! You can find Stretch-A-Roo's and other items made by Meagan at

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Growing Like Weeds!

Sometimes I just sit back and look at my children in amazement. I can't believe how fast they are growing up right in front of my eyes.My just turned 4 this past week! Where is the time going. Sometimes it feels as if it were ages ago when I was bringing home preemie boys from the hospital. Then on other days I feel as if it were just yesterday and they sprouted into little boys in front of my eyes. They are wonderful and caring big brothers- I know they will protect their sister for life. They are eager to help take care of her and want to be involved in every piece of her life. Every time I give her a bath they are hovering over her making sure she has every toy imaginable and is smiling at all times. I ended up letting them get down in the tub and sit with her, to play. Then I realized well the tub is big enough why not put them all in! So the next night we did and they ALL loved it :) I am so proud of them for being such nurturing and caring little boys. Don't get me wrong they are perfectly capable and do practice some hell raising quite often. I often wish I had their energy! They are very intelligent and they question and explore every little thing.
  The kids had check-ups today and I am happy to report are all doing wonderfully, perfectly healthy and growing like weeds. Avery(on the left) is in the 90th percentile for his height& weight combined Aidan( on the right ) the 50th and Adelea is in the 75th. Baby girl is getting big weighing in at 17lbs 9oz-but I think her chubbiness is precious. She is getting so big, sitting independently and playing with her brothers lots during the day. She has also started to creep across the floor. She is a very happy baby-never a dull moment from this little goob face. These pictures are pre-summer haircuts-for the boys of course baldy has no hair just like her Mama when I was a baby. I will post some haircut pics soon. Thought I would share a little of what my kiddos are up to. They are my everything!
(Love how the rubber duck censored for me)

Do you ever wish you could freeze time and keep them little? Avery has been asking me lately if I will miss him when he gets big, that will never stop melting my heart. And the answer is always YES I will miss you-especially when your all too big to snuggle up in my lap-

Blogs Worth Blogging About

Well it is Tuesday again and I missed last weeks post-sorry about that! I thought I might make it up this week by adding some extras but I have changed my mind! This week I have picked some really cool blogs from some great Mamas! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts from these ladies and I hope you do too!

Check these out- spend a little extra reading time ENJOY!

One Love Mama- I love the design of this blog! The colors are beautiful and the layout is simple. It nice for me to read about other moms and their adventures with things like cloth diapering! She posted a delicious recipe recently for Carnitas as well mmm one of my favorites!

A Mom Writing-It is nice to witness a new mom and her quest to live a "green" lifestyle. She recently shared some nice posts about making he own baby food. She is a milk donor and passionate about breastfeeding! A mom writing has posted some great reviews and giveaways. Her layout is simple and very user friendly!

Crunchy Cupcakes-This blog is about a mom named Jamie and her life raising 4 girls. (her crunchy cupcakes) It is a great combination of everyday updates along side of product reviews and giveaways. The blog design is lovely and cheerful-one of the reasons why I keep coming back!

I hope everyone takes the time to stop by and check these ladies out! Be sure to follow them if you’re interested I know you won't be disappointed.....remember to leave your blog link in the comments section or another blog's link that you just can't get enough of. I look forward to bringing you some new "must reads" next week!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Coming Into My Own

I am gearing up for a total makeover of my blog. Not just the layout, but the name and everything else along with it. I know this is not exactly ideal but I am just not settled with what it is now. There is this mass "green, eco, natural, organic, crunchy" movement. This in itself is wonderful, but in this day and age it is not unique or very original. Everywhere I look it is all about going green. I by all means support the movement but my personality longs not to be a copy of anyone or anything. I have been encountering many different and amazing moms, bloggers, companies, artists and people in general. I want to have a place that is open and inclusive for everyone. I got my inspiration for this today while working with some artists from Etsy. I sat and looked through vast amounts of handcrafted items in beautiful colors. I was actually surprised by the joy I felt just looking at some of this stuff. I want my blog to be that way too. It is important to me that when viewing my page I feel at home- and think this is ME. I want you to come here and just be happy. I want the atmosphere to be uplifting and welcoming. I have so many things that I am already planning to share and I think they all deserve the perfect canvas. Look for these changes soon, but for now I will leave you with a few pictures of things that made my day and have cultivated my upcoming metamorphasis.

Or not- for some reason it is not allowing me to upload the pics I wanted to share with you from Etsy! That's okay; please do look for them in some really fun upcoming reviews. Here is an alternative picture, nothing better than a fresh tie-dye. So many colors-makes me think happy thoughts :) LOL

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alternative Teething-Inspired By Finn Giveaway!

I never actually recall having any issues with my boys when they were babies. They were easy going and not particularly needy. They would be fine for long periods of time in the swing or the play gym on the floor. Maybe this is because they are twins. They have had to share everything since the beginning. They were in the NICU and Transitional nurseries for a period of time-lacking the constant physical contact and level of attention a typical newborn receives. The boys were just very easy, in hindsight of course. Now after they became mobile is a WHOLE different story...for another day ;) Well that is just not the case with my 6 month old daughter, Adelea. She showed us from birth that she was going to be completely different. She longs for interaction and thrives on all attention being completely focused upon her. She is demanding and sure to be loud about it when necessary- But this is okay with us. I knew that she would be different.

Every child is like discovering a whole new world.

Having Adelea has posed some challenges for me as a mother. The things she has presented me with for the first few months of her life have been much more difficult then what I faced having two babies at one time! Whether it be breast feeding, eating, sleeping, playing or teething it has been harder to deal with. It almost erases the fact that I might have "so-called" experience as a mother. I knew how to care for babies and I have for many years- BUT never have I been so demanded in my life. Not only am I trying to cope with the needs of my daughter in all sorts of situations, I'm trying to do it with a natural, healthy, and holistic approach. I would never claim myself to be an "attachment" parent. I do agree with some of the philosophies in attachment parenting, but some of the ideas are just not for us. I don't like to be labeled- I think we are just parenting the best way we know how. It is a learning experience everyday with all of the kids. Some things work great, some things don't and it all seems to change with the wind.

My most prominent issue right now is that my baby girl is cutting a tooth. I never had issues with the boys and teething. I don't recall really needing pain relief for them- I would have used Tylenol or OraGel if need be.( not exactly a natural approach) Adelea on the other hand started about a month ago with irritability and fussiness. She would intently start gnawing at her fingers and anything else she could manage to saw across her gums. She started being difficult to put down for bed and even naps. I knew it had to be her teeth because she was always so relieved to get one of my fingers in her mouth and just press it against her bottom gums-that was the only thing I knew that was helping. I have also discovered in the last day or so that baby massage seems to take the attention away from the pain and really does help her relax too!

Then it dawned on me- Where had I put her Inspired by Finn teething necklace when we moved? I had ordered this necklace in late February from a store online. I found it and immediately had her start wearing it as much as possible. (I do not recommend sleeping with this on) Over the next few days of regular wear I had noticed she seemed to be much calmer and less irritable. If I take it off for any period of time she quickly gets fussy again. For those of you who are not familiar with a teething necklace- They are made out of Baltic Amber-which contains succinic acid. When worn in direct contact with the the warmth of your skin it releases oils which help with pain,immunity,inflammation and energy. This can be very soothing for your baby, child and even yourself. The necklaces sold by Inspired by Finn are completely safe. They are hand strung in Lithuania. Every bead is knotted individually and it breaks away with ease if any real pressure is applied. They are CPSIA compliant-meeting all current standards for childrens jewelry.

They say the lighter the color of the Amber is the more succinic acid it contains- therefore more healing powers :) I ordered Adelea one of the lightest available. In this picture she is wearing her 12in Milk and Butter Inspired by Finn teething necklace. Though I do receive criticism from some people-including some of our family members, who don't really approve in anything holistic-I am confident in this product. Not only has it aided us in our teething woes it is adorable! I recommend you visit them here- Inspired by Finn and check them out on Facebook now too! Well I wrote this post yesterday ,then got the opportunity today for this to become a GIVEAWAY! I am very excited to work with Inspired by Finn so one of my readers can discover their awesome products :) They have offered to give one of my readers their choice of jewelry- 16in and under! All of my readers will be able to use the discount code BLOG68 for 20% off of your orders!

 For a mandatory entry please visit their website and let me know what you would like to get from them if you win! Winner will be announced on Monday May 3rd!

BONUS ENTRIES- be sure to leave a comment for each entry-including the links :)
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Friday, April 23, 2010

And the Winner is....

I am still trying to get things together. I am stuck in that spot where life kind of takes over and there has been no extra time for me :) So I am sorry for the delay for the Fabricwrapper :) According to Entry number 15 is our winner Hipgal from! please email me your address and final pattern choice so I can have Steph send that to you right away! Email me

In other news....yesterday the boys had an amazing birthday. I really cannot believe they are 4 years old. The time just keeps flying by and my babies are growing up :( They have kept me so busy in the last week I have been neglecting my blog,facebook and twitter accounts terribly, but it was for all of the right reasons! I will be doing a double up this coming Tuesday since I did not share the blogs I wanted to this week! I definitly have some catching up to do around here. But I really do suggest taking a break from cyberspace regularly-it is easy to lose touch with the real world for some people-it never hurts to check back in!

 I have some pretty exciting reviews coming up. I am still ironing out the details for The Merry Hempsters review, I wanted to be able to offer my readers the opportunity to try something from the company who makes these awesome products I will be reviewing. The wonderful people at The Merry Hempsters have offered me the opportunity to have a giveaway that will possibly be for up to 50 people reading the review! More info to come soon I am super excited about this :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Important things in life

Friday afternoon I decided it was time to turn the computer off and focus my attention on my family and my home. It was actually a really nice break not having it be a routine part of my day. On Saturday Adelea and I spent the day together and the boys were with their Dad. While she napped I thouroghly spring cleaned, the green way of course! It was nice to open up all the windows and let the spring air through the whole house! I enjoyed  spending lots of tummy time with my baby girl and being able to focus all of my attention on her for the day. We took a walk in the afternoon, she rode in her Moby wrap and it was interesting to watch her soaking up her surroundings. Sunday I had an old friend come over and bring his daughter to play with the boys. They all had an awesome time together and I am very glad that he lives so close by.Now the boys have someone for regular play-dates. His daughter is only a year and a half older than the boys, and Avery is taller than she is! Avery is a big boy for his age! Anyway today we spent lots of time playing outside. I love the imaginations they have developed, it creates such amazing play time! All in all I am really  happy to have  spent the weekend experiencing the simpler things in life, I noticed lots of special little things that during the normal daily grind I might overlook. I love my children and I love Steven, I am so happy to have such amazing people in my life.
Stay Tuned because tomorrow I will be announcing this weeks Blogs Worth Blogging About!

Friday, April 16, 2010 Giveaway!

Win a Reusable Gift-wrap Just in Time for Mother's Day!

I am always striving to do more of the little things in my life to be more planet friendly. So when I found I thought it was a great idea! I think we have all been there, sitting with the giant trash bag at holidays and birthdays stuffing loads of wrapping paper,tissue,bags and bows down in it. Or we may have tried to recycle by trying to save the salvageable pieces for the next Christmas, birthday,baby shower etc, but that can be a challenge. Trying to store them until and finding things that are decent enough to reuse isn't always easy. But why WASTE the paper at all? Stephanie Lancaster has a solution! Not only are these Fabricwrappers offered in adorable patterns they are also like a bonus present because they can be reused over and over again! Talk about a gift that keeps on giving :)

Traditional gift-wrap produces a lot of unnecessary waste. In fact, the Sierrra Club tells us that if everyone wrapped just three gifts a year in reused or reusable gift-wrap, we would all save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields!

My Eco Family is teaming up with to offer you the chance to wrap your Mother's Day gift in style. Fabricwrapper offers a wide variety of reusable gift-wrapping products that will make your mom say "wow"... whether she is into the eco-friendly (and cost-saving!) aspect of having something she can use over and over again, or whether she just likes boutique-quality beauty.

To win, simply add a comment to this post on which pattern of Fabricwrapper you would choose and why you want to use reusable gift-wrap this holiday.(Required) Be sure to include your contact email. The winner will be chosen using and Announced here on Thursday April 22nd. Good Luck!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Healthy Snacking

 I don't know about your kids but my 4 year old twin boys LOVE to snack. I think they could eat non-stop all day If I would let them! In my pursuit of healthier living we created a new rule for the boy's snacks. Its the 1 ingredient snack rule. Each of the boys now know that in order to have a snack they must find something that is a whole food. This way I know for sure that the snacks they are getting are completely healthy. This is a really simple way to ensure that your kids will be getting a good balance of whole foods in their diet. I got kind of tired of tossing them something processed-knowing it was not healthy for them. Even if your buying an organic brand-they can still have ingredients that are not particularly good for you! It has even encouraged them to try new fruits and vegetables they were hesitant to try before, because their choices of types of foods are more limited. Try taking a trip to a local Farmer's Market, there will be an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables( and if you don't have one the local super market will work too). Teach your child there about "eating the rainbow". Have him/her pick out several different colored foods to try. Make it fun for them to choose what they are eating  and  they will be much more willing to try new things.Here are a few of the current favorites.....

  • Raw Almonds-We buy them shelled, but remember no salt or sweeteners. This is also one of my favorite snacks-perfect for a busy mommy. Grab a handful and go-no mess included :)
  • Fresh cut carrot sticks- I know the baby ones are super easy to just grab out of the package and serve up, but they just don't taste as good! Not to mention the goal is to eliminate the package!
  • Banana Sandwich- take a banana and slice it down the middle and spread on some fresh ground peanut butter- We get ours at Whole Foods, where you can grind it yourself.
  • Sliced pieces of green,red,orange and yellow bell peppers-this variety of colors is really fun- my boys like to make pictures with the pieces of their plates!
  • Strawberries-escpecially when they are in season we have a great local place where you can pick your own. Its fun for the kids to pick their own food and they are cheaper this way too!
You can also get really creative with the foods. Have your kids use the slices or pieces food to make letters and numbers on their plates. They can  use their imaginations and make all kinds of food pictures. Sometimes it really is okay to play with your food. Try to find a learning experience in almost all of your everyday activities! These are just a few examples-the possibilities are practically endless! If your trying to have a healthier diet for your children this is a great first step.

Wanted to include pictures but I am having trouble locating my camera cord after the move!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blogs Worth Blogging About

I think blogging is a great thing. I have come across some very interesting websites through the world of blogging. There is unlimited information and the ability to encounter some extraordinary people.
Most of the pages I've found through social networking sites. I am always looking for some great new reads.  So I wanted to post a blog about finding great bloggers. Do you have a blog that is worth the read? I would love to check it out and help  spread the word! I've decided to dedicate Tuesdays on my blog to sharing great blogs for you to enjoy! I think this will be the birth of My Eco Family's Blogs Worth Blogging About.

Here are a few of my current favorites to read----

The Soft Landing -  follow on  twitter

Truth Be Told- follow on  twitter

Safemama- follow on twitter

Healthy Child- follow on twitter

Be sure to leave a comment with the link to your blog and maybe yours will be one of my next blogs worth blogging about. I do look forward to reading them all!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet My Eco Family

I was thinking I ought to take a bit of time to introduce you to My Eco Family! I wanted to share with you the most important people in my life and my inspiration for being "green". It consists of myself Hannah-24, Steven-27, Avery and Aidan-4, and Adelea- 6 months. We have a blended family. My oldest boys are from a previous marriage and Steven and I are mommy and daddy to our beautiful baby girl Adelea. Steven has been a part of the boys lives since they were 18 months old. It has actually worked out really great for us because they really do not remember life without Steven being around. Most of the time they will actually refer to him as "Daddy Steven". I share custody of the boys with their father, but take care of them in my home when he has to work during the daytime(on his designated custody days). I love that I am the one providing the day today care, even with a shared custody arrangement. It ensures that I am an everyday part of their life. Blending a family has been hard but we have made it work. Adelea was the bridge that brought it all together in the end. The boys love their baby sister so dearly and make amazing big brothers. Steven has been a wonderful addition to our lives. He is passionate about many things, intelligent and kind. I think there are so many families that have unique situations and they should be embraced and not looked down upon. I honestly have been embarrassed in the past to share the details of my life because I was afraid of the judgement that I might receive. I have also not shared because sometimes it is very complicated to explain and sometimes its just easier not to. Someone recently had asked me how the boys father felt about me calling Steven their dad. I have been very careful not to do that. He is surely like a father to them, but they have a Daddy who they love very much. He is an amazing Daddy to his little buddies, as he calls them. I would never in my entire life want to take that away from him. I hope to get to know some of my readers better soon too! Please feel free to share a little about youselves with me in the comments section :)

He is very intelligent and will talk you ear off about almost anything if you let him. He has a passion for cooking and does it for a living...mmmm how lucky am I?! He is an amazing Father to his daughter, who makes him melt on a daily basis. I never thought I would see him cry-but then Adelea was born  his eyes filled up with tears of joy immediately-I am so glad the Dr. took a picture of this :) He loves to play outdoors with the boys and teach them things about  the universe. He is very interested in alternative Archaeology as well as underground news- he is always sure to keep me up to date with the strangest information and I love it!

Twin A- Avery
This is my first born. Until the last year or so he was said to look just like his mommy and then all of the sudden his Daddy's looks crept right up on us. He is the Mama's boy for sure. Full of energy and always on the go-there is always something new for him to discover. Avery has a passion for animals and always has. At 18 months old he could identify 62 different animals. He has a duck duck that he sleeps with -but lately he has been saying "I am big enough not to have him mommy". I don't want them to grow up too fast and the time just keeps flying by before my eyes. He loves to try to read and be read to. Avery will also climb just about anything he gets near....then have to watch this one- he's a daredevil. Avery is always the first to volunteer to help with his sister he LOVES being the big brother.

Twin B- Aidan
My sweet Aidan. He has a much longer attention span than his brother-can actually sit still and watch a movie or quietly look at books or even color. He has always been Daddy's boy and  was thought to look like his Dad for a long time, but now he has started to favor me. Interesting how they turned out opposite. Aidan picked out a receiving blanket when he was 8 or so months old and attached himself to it.....he used to hold it in his hand and suck his thumb saying "gully gully gully" SOO the pieces of blanket are now lovingly referred to as Gully Gully. Aidan is a cuddler when he is sleepy and takes a bit to get going. He also has a love for the outdoors- this one likes snakes-like the one he brought me on the porch this morning, I almost had a heart attack. He is also a natural born climber. Their Dad is planning on buying them harnesses and getting them really into rock climbing this year.

Baby Girl -Adelea
This is our newest addition. Adelea has definitely been much more demanding than her brothers were as babies. I am not too surprised, I've been told this about girls! She is very happy though. She loves to be played with and have her belly blown on. Her laugh is contagious. She absolutely adores her brothers. Whenever they come around her face lights up. I know if she is fussy it won't take long to cheer her up if her brothers are on the case. She has just recently began to sit up alone and play with toys. Adelea loves a good cuddle in Mommy or Daddy's arms and loves to be worn in her Moby wrap. She is almost always in a good mood when you get her out of bed, as soon as you lift her up she will start blowing raspberries. I look forward to watching her personality develop over the next few years

Don't forget to leave a comment and share a little about YOUR family! and if you have a blog leave the link I would love to check it out!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

biokleen- "Tough on Dirt Gentle on the Earth"

I wanted to share with everyone a few wonderful products from Biokleen. I have been using thse products for several years now. I decided to make this my first blog review because I use several of their products on a daily basis. Not only are these household cleaning products natural, non-toxic and biodegradable they are affordable. It can sometimes be daunting for someone who is not familiar with green cleaning to go from spending 2 to 5 dollars for everyday household products from the local Walmart to spending 2 times that for safer ones. The benefits of using all natural products are undeniable. There are lots of toxic chemicals in everyday cleaners that are extremely harmful to your family and the environment. Chemicals which have been directly linked to cancers,asthma and many other types of illness. Biokleen's products are concentrated which is better for the environment and easy on the wallet.Making a concentrated product eliminates fillers and leads to less waste overall.
Biokleen prides themselves in being a company that you can trust. They were established over 20 years ago in 1989. The founder of the company worked with commercial cleaners before he started to realize that he was selling dangerous poisons to people. From that experience he founded Biokleen under the basic ideas of effectiveness,concentration,non-toxic and environmentally safe products. In addition to these basic ideas these products are kind to those with chemical sensitivities and allergies. They contain no artificial fragrances,colors or preservatives. The cleaners rapidly biodegrade and are ozone safe. Biokleen does NOT test on animals or use animal products.
I wanted to give you an introduction to some of my favorites from Biokleen.

     Biokleen Dishwash Liquid
This is a staple in my household, one product I am guaranteed to use everyday multiple times a day. I struggled for a long time with natural dish washing liquids. I was always using them so quickly-less is more did not apply in this situation. I had trouble finding one that worked well cutting grease and removing food odors(especially fish, pesto and garlic). I was raised on Dawn and Palmolive and I knew harsh chemicals and all they worked. After I had my children I struggled thinking about them ingesting the chemical residues from these soaps. I know after washing dishes in regular soaps there is a definite lingering smell. I hated drinking from a glass and smelling artificial scents. Then I discovered Biokleen's Dishwash Liquid in Grapefruit seed and Orange Peel extract. This was my perfect solution! Not only was it concentrated and took me forever to get through one bottle. It did the job at hand. It fought my grimy dishes and cut away all the odors and grease. I could not have been happier. Its extremely gentle to have my hands in on a consistent basis and the smell was natural and unoffensive.

  Biokleen Citrus All Temperature Laundry Liquid
  phosphate and chlorine free.
This is another must have in my house. With 5 people in this eco family we have a non-stop flow of dirty laundry. We are hard on our clothes! I have 4 year old twin boys who love to do nothing more than down and dirty in the yard. Red mud,grass stains and food stains are not in short supply here. Eco-Daddy works at 2 restaurants. His clothes come home with more food than my boys could ever manage to get on them, especially grease! Then theres my clothes which are covered in sticky hand prints,breast milk,spit up and all sorts of everyday grime. Last but not least there is Eco-baby who struggles getting all her food  into her mouth and has a tad bit of a spit up issue.She is also cloth diapered, probably our biggest laundry feat of all! needless to say our laundry room is a very busy and icky place. I am happy to report that I have found one single product than can combat all of my laundry issues. With Biokleen's Laundry Liquid I am able to use the same product on all of my clothes with confidence even my cloth diapers. It works hard on stains and keeps our clothes amazingly bright and fresh. For extra stain fighting power I just take some of the liquid and apply it directly onto the trouble spots. Like other Biokleen products its concentrated, this one is concentrated 3x! I love having not having large bulky plastic containers littering my laundry room. I would definitely encourage all cloth diapering moms to try this out on your dipes. Its gentle enough on them and rinses clean preventing residue buildup which can be hard on baby's skin.
Last, but not least-

Biokleen BAC-OUT
For many moms who cloth diaper you may already be familiar with this product. This concentrated product has live enzyme cultures that fight things like pet,food and drink stains as well as the favorite here-organic waste(poopy cloth dipes). I use this regularly on my diapers before they hit the pail. It has been extremly effective in cutting down on the odor that is always present at wash time. Sometimes I will even do a Bio-soak for the diapers before they I wash. This product keeps the stains to a minimum and helps me be confident that there are no lingering bacteria in my diapers. Its also great on general laundry jobs as well. Eco-Daddy likes to use this for kitchen clean up especially for the counters and sink after preparing meals. Biokleen also suggests that this product is great for use on mold and mildew.

In conclusion I love Biokleen! They have way too many wonderful products for me to talk about on here. Please see their website for more information. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Coming Tomorrow biokleen review!!!

 I ran into some challenges today trying to edit my HTML and pretty much anything else I attempted to do on here. I finally worked out the kinks and my layout is almost pleasing to me, still just a few things to add here and there. Needless to say it has delayed me posting my review of biokleen products :( I actually have it complete, handwritten during moments of peace today) I will be sure to get it on in the morning. Today was a very long day other than my cyber space challenges. The baby is teething and cranky, I had forgotten to put her teething necklace on this morning-not a good idea. Teething poopy cloth diapers are rather icky making it very necessary to do diapers again today. My boys were bouncing off of the walls all day, but occupied themseleves with plenty of outdoor playtime, it was another beautiful spring day here. I barely touched the computer all day ,too much more to accomplish. 
I have to admit I've found so many interesting people to  follow on Twitter! I hope to share some of them soon. Twitter really does grow on you ,even if you were a skeptic like me. I feel like I am in the "know" and love retweeting to share interesting info with others. Lots on my mind recently, trying to organize a summer full of fun for the kids and the whole family. Well its off to bed for some much needed rest. Goodnight All.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lets get back to it!

I am so excited to be blogging again! I have missed the Internet so very much and mobile applications just do not cut it. We are all moved into the new house, very glad that the move is over with. I do know for sure that without Internet I have been an overly productive person, cleaning house borderline OCD style. I actually took a Qtip to the speakers of the TV late last night waiting for Steven to get home from work. I also caught myself cleaning my bathroom at 1 am!!! Not like me at all to tell you the truth. My cloth diapers have been washed every single day and put away immediately. There has not been a single dish in my sink for longer than an hour. How I have managed this with 3 kids I have no clue. We are very busy and active family who practically lives in the outdoors. You know I actually have been writing my blog in my head for the last couple of weeks while in the shower and during other rare moments of peace. So now I am met with the challenge of finding where to start. I have lots of plans for this so hang in there I want to bring to you some cool products and ideas very soon. Just for a little idea of what is to come I am working with Yoreganics, Meg-a-Roos, and The MerryHempsters to name a few. I look forward to getting back in the swing of things! In the meantime I have been networking on Twitter, something I swore I would never do.....there is a little confession I used to make fun of tweeting and now I am obsessed. There is just so much information at a constant flow. It is a great way to meet people who share common interests. I literally have to drag myself away from the phone at night so I can get some rest. Now I have discovered Twitter parties and TweetGrid uh oh I see trouble coming. Well that is all I can manage for the night! Hope it all makes sense I am very tired. See you all very soon!

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