Saturday, April 10, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Coming Tomorrow biokleen review!!!

 I ran into some challenges today trying to edit my HTML and pretty much anything else I attempted to do on here. I finally worked out the kinks and my layout is almost pleasing to me, still just a few things to add here and there. Needless to say it has delayed me posting my review of biokleen products :( I actually have it complete, handwritten during moments of peace today) I will be sure to get it on in the morning. Today was a very long day other than my cyber space challenges. The baby is teething and cranky, I had forgotten to put her teething necklace on this morning-not a good idea. Teething poopy cloth diapers are rather icky making it very necessary to do diapers again today. My boys were bouncing off of the walls all day, but occupied themseleves with plenty of outdoor playtime, it was another beautiful spring day here. I barely touched the computer all day ,too much more to accomplish. 
I have to admit I've found so many interesting people to  follow on Twitter! I hope to share some of them soon. Twitter really does grow on you ,even if you were a skeptic like me. I feel like I am in the "know" and love retweeting to share interesting info with others. Lots on my mind recently, trying to organize a summer full of fun for the kids and the whole family. Well its off to bed for some much needed rest. Goodnight All.

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