Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bye-Bye Plastic Wrap

Little by little I have tried to eliminate as much waste from our lives as possible. I try to live by the standard of REDUCE, REUSE &RECYCLE. I am on a mission to raise my children this way. I am always very excited to find something reusable to substitute something that we would typically throw away on a regular basis. So when I got the opportunity to try out two new products from Meg A Roo Designs I was intrigued. Meg-A-Roo's is owned and operated by a wonderful work at home mom of three named Meagan. She makes all of her items by hand all while providing wonderful customer service.

Meagan sent me two things that I have never used before. The first was an Extended tab prefold (which I will be posting at another time) and the second was one of her "Stretch-A- Roo's". These are reusable covers made from PUL perfect for replacing plastic wrap and tin foil. She makes them in 8 different sizes. They hold a tight seal and keep food very fresh. You can also just toss them right into the regular laundry and use over and over again! Stretch-A-Roo's are available for custom order as well-if you don't find what you need from her website. They come in very handy when there is the inevitable misplaced top. I don't know about your kitchen but mine seems to eat things on occasion :)

I was sent an extra small size which I immediately put to good use. This size was great to use for covering small jars of homemade baby food. I also used it to cover my kid's leftover drinks to save for later. I really thought the quality of the Stretch-A-Roo's was wonderful. It has held up wash after wash and still keeps things as fresh as the first day I got it! Please stop by Meagan's website-she makes lots of wonderful reusable products including awesome cloth diapers. Please continue to support small businesses especially
work at home moms! You can find Stretch-A-Roo's and other items made by Meagan at

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