Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet My Eco Family

I was thinking I ought to take a bit of time to introduce you to My Eco Family! I wanted to share with you the most important people in my life and my inspiration for being "green". It consists of myself Hannah-24, Steven-27, Avery and Aidan-4, and Adelea- 6 months. We have a blended family. My oldest boys are from a previous marriage and Steven and I are mommy and daddy to our beautiful baby girl Adelea. Steven has been a part of the boys lives since they were 18 months old. It has actually worked out really great for us because they really do not remember life without Steven being around. Most of the time they will actually refer to him as "Daddy Steven". I share custody of the boys with their father, but take care of them in my home when he has to work during the daytime(on his designated custody days). I love that I am the one providing the day today care, even with a shared custody arrangement. It ensures that I am an everyday part of their life. Blending a family has been hard but we have made it work. Adelea was the bridge that brought it all together in the end. The boys love their baby sister so dearly and make amazing big brothers. Steven has been a wonderful addition to our lives. He is passionate about many things, intelligent and kind. I think there are so many families that have unique situations and they should be embraced and not looked down upon. I honestly have been embarrassed in the past to share the details of my life because I was afraid of the judgement that I might receive. I have also not shared because sometimes it is very complicated to explain and sometimes its just easier not to. Someone recently had asked me how the boys father felt about me calling Steven their dad. I have been very careful not to do that. He is surely like a father to them, but they have a Daddy who they love very much. He is an amazing Daddy to his little buddies, as he calls them. I would never in my entire life want to take that away from him. I hope to get to know some of my readers better soon too! Please feel free to share a little about youselves with me in the comments section :)

He is very intelligent and will talk you ear off about almost anything if you let him. He has a passion for cooking and does it for a living...mmmm how lucky am I?! He is an amazing Father to his daughter, who makes him melt on a daily basis. I never thought I would see him cry-but then Adelea was born  his eyes filled up with tears of joy immediately-I am so glad the Dr. took a picture of this :) He loves to play outdoors with the boys and teach them things about  the universe. He is very interested in alternative Archaeology as well as underground news- he is always sure to keep me up to date with the strangest information and I love it!

Twin A- Avery
This is my first born. Until the last year or so he was said to look just like his mommy and then all of the sudden his Daddy's looks crept right up on us. He is the Mama's boy for sure. Full of energy and always on the go-there is always something new for him to discover. Avery has a passion for animals and always has. At 18 months old he could identify 62 different animals. He has a duck duck that he sleeps with -but lately he has been saying "I am big enough not to have him mommy". I don't want them to grow up too fast and the time just keeps flying by before my eyes. He loves to try to read and be read to. Avery will also climb just about anything he gets near....then have to watch this one- he's a daredevil. Avery is always the first to volunteer to help with his sister he LOVES being the big brother.

Twin B- Aidan
My sweet Aidan. He has a much longer attention span than his brother-can actually sit still and watch a movie or quietly look at books or even color. He has always been Daddy's boy and  was thought to look like his Dad for a long time, but now he has started to favor me. Interesting how they turned out opposite. Aidan picked out a receiving blanket when he was 8 or so months old and attached himself to it.....he used to hold it in his hand and suck his thumb saying "gully gully gully" SOO the pieces of blanket are now lovingly referred to as Gully Gully. Aidan is a cuddler when he is sleepy and takes a bit to get going. He also has a love for the outdoors- this one likes snakes-like the one he brought me on the porch this morning, I almost had a heart attack. He is also a natural born climber. Their Dad is planning on buying them harnesses and getting them really into rock climbing this year.

Baby Girl -Adelea
This is our newest addition. Adelea has definitely been much more demanding than her brothers were as babies. I am not too surprised, I've been told this about girls! She is very happy though. She loves to be played with and have her belly blown on. Her laugh is contagious. She absolutely adores her brothers. Whenever they come around her face lights up. I know if she is fussy it won't take long to cheer her up if her brothers are on the case. She has just recently began to sit up alone and play with toys. Adelea loves a good cuddle in Mommy or Daddy's arms and loves to be worn in her Moby wrap. She is almost always in a good mood when you get her out of bed, as soon as you lift her up she will start blowing raspberries. I look forward to watching her personality develop over the next few years

Don't forget to leave a comment and share a little about YOUR family! and if you have a blog leave the link I would love to check it out!


  1. What adorable children, and what a blessing to have two good men in their lives! :) My hubby is also the "cook" in the family and went to school for it MANY years ago, and we have a set of fraternal twin boys (and 3 more "singlets") and they will be 13 this year.

    Coming over from MBC and following you now with both of my blogs. Would love for you to stop over and "follow back!" :)

    Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)
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  2. You have a beautiful family :O) Dropping in from MBC,
    Take care,

  3. What a pleasant surprise to cross paths. Steve was a dear friend while I was growing up and I am thrilled to see and read about your family adventures! Further more - living such a eco-friendly life is very inspiring.

    I myself live in Utah, married a geek just like me and have a crazy dog that I fear will start talking back to me one day!

    Danielle {



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