Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Growing Like Weeds!

Sometimes I just sit back and look at my children in amazement. I can't believe how fast they are growing up right in front of my eyes.My just turned 4 this past week! Where is the time going. Sometimes it feels as if it were ages ago when I was bringing home preemie boys from the hospital. Then on other days I feel as if it were just yesterday and they sprouted into little boys in front of my eyes. They are wonderful and caring big brothers- I know they will protect their sister for life. They are eager to help take care of her and want to be involved in every piece of her life. Every time I give her a bath they are hovering over her making sure she has every toy imaginable and is smiling at all times. I ended up letting them get down in the tub and sit with her, to play. Then I realized well the tub is big enough why not put them all in! So the next night we did and they ALL loved it :) I am so proud of them for being such nurturing and caring little boys. Don't get me wrong they are perfectly capable and do practice some hell raising quite often. I often wish I had their energy! They are very intelligent and they question and explore every little thing.
  The kids had check-ups today and I am happy to report are all doing wonderfully, perfectly healthy and growing like weeds. Avery(on the left) is in the 90th percentile for his height& weight combined Aidan( on the right ) the 50th and Adelea is in the 75th. Baby girl is getting big weighing in at 17lbs 9oz-but I think her chubbiness is precious. She is getting so big, sitting independently and playing with her brothers lots during the day. She has also started to creep across the floor. She is a very happy baby-never a dull moment from this little goob face. These pictures are pre-summer haircuts-for the boys of course baldy has no hair just like her Mama when I was a baby. I will post some haircut pics soon. Thought I would share a little of what my kiddos are up to. They are my everything!
(Love how the rubber duck censored for me)

Do you ever wish you could freeze time and keep them little? Avery has been asking me lately if I will miss him when he gets big, that will never stop melting my heart. And the answer is always YES I will miss you-especially when your all too big to snuggle up in my lap-


  1. look how happy they are! *makes my day*

  2. Hannah, i am following you here and on twitter. I am glad to connect with you.

  3. I totally agree! Following you from MBC.


  4. I have several moments a day where I wish I could just freeze time... and then my oldest tells me she has to grow up, because "That's just how life is!" Sigh. ps- I love the picture!

    (following from MBC)



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