Sunday, April 11, 2010

biokleen- "Tough on Dirt Gentle on the Earth"

I wanted to share with everyone a few wonderful products from Biokleen. I have been using thse products for several years now. I decided to make this my first blog review because I use several of their products on a daily basis. Not only are these household cleaning products natural, non-toxic and biodegradable they are affordable. It can sometimes be daunting for someone who is not familiar with green cleaning to go from spending 2 to 5 dollars for everyday household products from the local Walmart to spending 2 times that for safer ones. The benefits of using all natural products are undeniable. There are lots of toxic chemicals in everyday cleaners that are extremely harmful to your family and the environment. Chemicals which have been directly linked to cancers,asthma and many other types of illness. Biokleen's products are concentrated which is better for the environment and easy on the wallet.Making a concentrated product eliminates fillers and leads to less waste overall.
Biokleen prides themselves in being a company that you can trust. They were established over 20 years ago in 1989. The founder of the company worked with commercial cleaners before he started to realize that he was selling dangerous poisons to people. From that experience he founded Biokleen under the basic ideas of effectiveness,concentration,non-toxic and environmentally safe products. In addition to these basic ideas these products are kind to those with chemical sensitivities and allergies. They contain no artificial fragrances,colors or preservatives. The cleaners rapidly biodegrade and are ozone safe. Biokleen does NOT test on animals or use animal products.
I wanted to give you an introduction to some of my favorites from Biokleen.

     Biokleen Dishwash Liquid
This is a staple in my household, one product I am guaranteed to use everyday multiple times a day. I struggled for a long time with natural dish washing liquids. I was always using them so quickly-less is more did not apply in this situation. I had trouble finding one that worked well cutting grease and removing food odors(especially fish, pesto and garlic). I was raised on Dawn and Palmolive and I knew harsh chemicals and all they worked. After I had my children I struggled thinking about them ingesting the chemical residues from these soaps. I know after washing dishes in regular soaps there is a definite lingering smell. I hated drinking from a glass and smelling artificial scents. Then I discovered Biokleen's Dishwash Liquid in Grapefruit seed and Orange Peel extract. This was my perfect solution! Not only was it concentrated and took me forever to get through one bottle. It did the job at hand. It fought my grimy dishes and cut away all the odors and grease. I could not have been happier. Its extremely gentle to have my hands in on a consistent basis and the smell was natural and unoffensive.

  Biokleen Citrus All Temperature Laundry Liquid
  phosphate and chlorine free.
This is another must have in my house. With 5 people in this eco family we have a non-stop flow of dirty laundry. We are hard on our clothes! I have 4 year old twin boys who love to do nothing more than down and dirty in the yard. Red mud,grass stains and food stains are not in short supply here. Eco-Daddy works at 2 restaurants. His clothes come home with more food than my boys could ever manage to get on them, especially grease! Then theres my clothes which are covered in sticky hand prints,breast milk,spit up and all sorts of everyday grime. Last but not least there is Eco-baby who struggles getting all her food  into her mouth and has a tad bit of a spit up issue.She is also cloth diapered, probably our biggest laundry feat of all! needless to say our laundry room is a very busy and icky place. I am happy to report that I have found one single product than can combat all of my laundry issues. With Biokleen's Laundry Liquid I am able to use the same product on all of my clothes with confidence even my cloth diapers. It works hard on stains and keeps our clothes amazingly bright and fresh. For extra stain fighting power I just take some of the liquid and apply it directly onto the trouble spots. Like other Biokleen products its concentrated, this one is concentrated 3x! I love having not having large bulky plastic containers littering my laundry room. I would definitely encourage all cloth diapering moms to try this out on your dipes. Its gentle enough on them and rinses clean preventing residue buildup which can be hard on baby's skin.
Last, but not least-

Biokleen BAC-OUT
For many moms who cloth diaper you may already be familiar with this product. This concentrated product has live enzyme cultures that fight things like pet,food and drink stains as well as the favorite here-organic waste(poopy cloth dipes). I use this regularly on my diapers before they hit the pail. It has been extremly effective in cutting down on the odor that is always present at wash time. Sometimes I will even do a Bio-soak for the diapers before they I wash. This product keeps the stains to a minimum and helps me be confident that there are no lingering bacteria in my diapers. Its also great on general laundry jobs as well. Eco-Daddy likes to use this for kitchen clean up especially for the counters and sink after preparing meals. Biokleen also suggests that this product is great for use on mold and mildew.

In conclusion I love Biokleen! They have way too many wonderful products for me to talk about on here. Please see their website for more information. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!


  1. I really like the Biokleen Bac-Out too. So many uses!

  2. Big fan of Biokleen laundry liquid!



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