Monday, April 19, 2010

The Important things in life

Friday afternoon I decided it was time to turn the computer off and focus my attention on my family and my home. It was actually a really nice break not having it be a routine part of my day. On Saturday Adelea and I spent the day together and the boys were with their Dad. While she napped I thouroghly spring cleaned, the green way of course! It was nice to open up all the windows and let the spring air through the whole house! I enjoyed  spending lots of tummy time with my baby girl and being able to focus all of my attention on her for the day. We took a walk in the afternoon, she rode in her Moby wrap and it was interesting to watch her soaking up her surroundings. Sunday I had an old friend come over and bring his daughter to play with the boys. They all had an awesome time together and I am very glad that he lives so close by.Now the boys have someone for regular play-dates. His daughter is only a year and a half older than the boys, and Avery is taller than she is! Avery is a big boy for his age! Anyway today we spent lots of time playing outside. I love the imaginations they have developed, it creates such amazing play time! All in all I am really  happy to have  spent the weekend experiencing the simpler things in life, I noticed lots of special little things that during the normal daily grind I might overlook. I love my children and I love Steven, I am so happy to have such amazing people in my life.
Stay Tuned because tomorrow I will be announcing this weeks Blogs Worth Blogging About!

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