Friday, April 30, 2010

Family Friday

Today we are having a family day. We do not get to do this every Friday, but today is Steven's 27th Birthday and he has the day off. We have been spending the morning just getting  things done around the house including Steven mowing the grass, which was definitely overdue :) I know not such a great way to spend your birthday, but when you have a family not too many days are about you anymore. The boys had their toy lawn mower outside mowing away trying to be just like him, it was adorable. I of course took advantage of this lovely day to take some pictures of everyone.
Today was also Adelea's first real "in the grass" experience-she loved it! I was able to get some really great pictures of her. She actually managed to get from sitting down to her belly to get a closer look- For a second I thought she was going to have a grass buffet! She is such a happy baby. One day I will post some pics as me as a baby compared to her- She is a beautiful combination of both Steven and I- depending on her expression she can favor both of us!
I had attempted to dress the kids in matching outfits and take some pictures. As you will see someone was not too happy about this whole idea.(Aidan Waden-on the left) He quickly ran away after 2 pictures of all three of them. I hope to be able to get some more this spring- I never knew how hard it would be to get three kids to look and smile at the same time.
And last but not least Adelea and her mommy- I hope the rest of the day will stay this beautiful. I thought about seeing if Steven might want to go to Friday's after 5- Our downtown mall has this all spring and summer long- free music, lots of neat vendors,people and places to eat!

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