Thursday, April 15, 2010

Healthy Snacking

 I don't know about your kids but my 4 year old twin boys LOVE to snack. I think they could eat non-stop all day If I would let them! In my pursuit of healthier living we created a new rule for the boy's snacks. Its the 1 ingredient snack rule. Each of the boys now know that in order to have a snack they must find something that is a whole food. This way I know for sure that the snacks they are getting are completely healthy. This is a really simple way to ensure that your kids will be getting a good balance of whole foods in their diet. I got kind of tired of tossing them something processed-knowing it was not healthy for them. Even if your buying an organic brand-they can still have ingredients that are not particularly good for you! It has even encouraged them to try new fruits and vegetables they were hesitant to try before, because their choices of types of foods are more limited. Try taking a trip to a local Farmer's Market, there will be an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables( and if you don't have one the local super market will work too). Teach your child there about "eating the rainbow". Have him/her pick out several different colored foods to try. Make it fun for them to choose what they are eating  and  they will be much more willing to try new things.Here are a few of the current favorites.....

  • Raw Almonds-We buy them shelled, but remember no salt or sweeteners. This is also one of my favorite snacks-perfect for a busy mommy. Grab a handful and go-no mess included :)
  • Fresh cut carrot sticks- I know the baby ones are super easy to just grab out of the package and serve up, but they just don't taste as good! Not to mention the goal is to eliminate the package!
  • Banana Sandwich- take a banana and slice it down the middle and spread on some fresh ground peanut butter- We get ours at Whole Foods, where you can grind it yourself.
  • Sliced pieces of green,red,orange and yellow bell peppers-this variety of colors is really fun- my boys like to make pictures with the pieces of their plates!
  • Strawberries-escpecially when they are in season we have a great local place where you can pick your own. Its fun for the kids to pick their own food and they are cheaper this way too!
You can also get really creative with the foods. Have your kids use the slices or pieces food to make letters and numbers on their plates. They can  use their imaginations and make all kinds of food pictures. Sometimes it really is okay to play with your food. Try to find a learning experience in almost all of your everyday activities! These are just a few examples-the possibilities are practically endless! If your trying to have a healthier diet for your children this is a great first step.

Wanted to include pictures but I am having trouble locating my camera cord after the move!


  1. My kids love eating out of the garden in the summer time. I learned long ago to plant peas but not to plan on freezing them, because the kids eat them as they are ripening... Great article. I am going to link you to my blog because my blog is L'Bri ( aloe base) Pure and Natural skincare. I am telling people how to take care of there skin in many ways including skincare.

  2. Hi,
    I am stopping by because Debbie mentioned your blog post in her latest blog post. I am glad I stopped by. Your blog is great and our family are a natural family and we love the outdoors too. I am now following.
    I agree, food is not always good just because it is organic. It can still be processed or contain ingredients like refined sugar.
    I blog about health, Aromatherapy and much more, and I share recipes for natural cleaning, spa, perfumes, ointments and much more on my blog.

  3. What a great idea! My three-year-old is a huge snacker. And like me, he's all about texture. What a place to start though for healthy habits.

  4. All great snacks! =)

    Following you from Cloth Diapering Bloggers. =)

  5. One of our favorite snacks is purple carrots! Another great way to enjoy veggies is to give them creative, new cool names. Alien raindrops are alot more fun to eat than just regular ol' peas, lol...

    Visiting & following from MBC :)

  6. I am now following you from MBC

    Cute Blog :-)

    You can find me here~

  7. I need to try the banana sandwich for sure! Thanks for sharing!



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