Friday, May 7, 2010

Banana Splits for Breakfast!

I put these together for the boy’s breakfast one day and they called them banana splits! Well creative little 4 year old boys I have, we’ll just call them that from now on. I think it’s great that we could have a healthy version of this popular dessert. It is fine by me that my boys love eating this and don’t even consider having Ice Cream drowned in all sorts of sugary toppings.

I have made this for the boys with many different combinations of fresh fruit and other toppings- Be creative the more color the better!

Try to use as much Organic and Natural ingredients as possible. Even on a budget I buy Organic and Natural for the majority of food we eat. Watch for sales!

This morning I used-

• Organic Vanilla Yogurt
• 1 Organic Kiwi
• 1 Large Organic Banana
• Fresh Ground Peanut Butter from Whole Foods
• Local Wildflower Honey

I pre-chilled the Vanilla Yogurt in the serving dishes for approx. 15 minutes. While they were chilling I peeled and sliced the kiwi-my boys like it in thicker slices. Then I peeled and sliced the Banana down the middle. I then used the Peanut Butter to make a “sandwich” with the Banana. I pulled the Yogurt out and placed the Peanut Butter and Banana down in the Yogurt. Then the Kiwis in the side and topped it off with a drizzle of honey! Any kind of fruit is great to add. Some fun ones we have used are Berries, Star fruit, Dragon Fruit as well as different kinds of nuts or some granola :) This one has limitless possibilities!

It can be a bit messy especially with boys-but they LOVE it!


  1. This looks delicious, nutritious, and fun! I'll have to keep this in my rolodex for when my little guy gets older (or maybe I'll just make it for me).

  2. I now following From MBC :-)

    You can find me here~

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  4. Looks good for the kiddos. I'll probably try it on my monster next week. He won't eat anything but trix swirls for breakfast now.

  5. BTW I presented you with the Sunshine Award for being such a great gal and a talented blogger.

    Check it out at Desperate for Coffee when you've got the chance.



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