Thursday, May 6, 2010

Prefold Lover


 This one is for all those cloth diapering Mamas out there and those of you who might be considering it. When I first started cloth diapering I was in LOVE with prefolds. I did not understand all of the hype about AIO (all in ones), Hybrids, Pockets, whether or not they were one size, had snaps or Velcro. To me I felt like I was cloth diapering the "real" way. I only used Green Mountain Diapers- unbleached Indian prefolds with snappis and occasionally pins- Using prefolds can be the most cost effective form of cloth diapering but it is kind of BORING! Once tax time came around I really started to figure out what people saw in all of these other more glitzy diapers. The secret was, it made buying diapers FUN and interesting and that is when it  became a hobby for me. Words of caution: be careful- Cloth diapering can be addicting! Now I will refer to my self as an equal opportunity diaperer (yes I am aware of the poor grammar). I own a bit of everything and use it all!

I still hold a love for prefolds, they have their ups and downs and many WAHMs are trying to spruce them up. One that I love is Meg-A-Roos extended tab prefold. I was pleased with every aspect of this diaper. It still was simple and basic like a prefold should be, but with a few twists, that made it all around amazing :) Normally your typical prefold is just a rectangular shaped flat diaper- Meagan has added tabs or wings to the tops- I can't tell you how much easier this makes it to put on a squirmy baby especially for those less experienced with cloth. You can also get away with using 1 pin-if your brave enough to use pins at all.....LOL. They are very soft and stretchy. Being stretchy and having tabs allows you to get more wear, because it will fit for longer. These prefolds have some major absorbency-got to love bamboo fleece! They are made from 2 layers of bamboo fleece, with a third stitched down in the middle. She adds style by replacing the usual plain white outer with your choice of knit fabric. You can always add doublers for night time or a heavy wetter. This is by far the most absorbent and easy to use prefold that I have come in contact with! Thank you Meagan for another awesome product! Here check put the pics I took of it and with Adelea in it-Sorry about the picture overload. I wanted to show how much I loved this dipe, and Adelea is so fat its just stinkin' adorable. Let me know what you think! Remember to check out her website:



  1. Super cute! We use Applecheeks pockets here. Those are adorable though! Thanks for the link!

  2. Oooh, I adore that diaper! Might have to go buy one right now to check out. I also buy and use at least one of everything I see, but also really like prefolds, especially since my 4 mo. old seems sensitive to elastic at his waist and legs, which fitteds and pockets have...



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