Monday, May 10, 2010

My Boys Love Watching Cinderella

Its true- I don’t care if it is a “princess” movie, it’s Disney. They love to watch movies- really anything that it is cartoon. I think most kids this age do. We try to limit the time spent watching TV- We do not pay for cable or satellite and since we moved no longer even pick up PBS. So movies and shows on DVD are our only option! The television privilege is also the first to go when bad behavior warrants consequences. Well, this morning they were watching Cinderella while I was getting the housework done- After it went off I was still doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I was shocked when the boys, without being told pulled all of the laundry from the dryer and put it in the living room for me- how sweet. It actually was all of their cloths anyway. BUT WAIT! Avery and Aidan then decided they wanted to fold it all and put it away. I was loving every piece of this :) They kept getting mad at Adelea because she would lunge herself forward and grab the piles that were already folded, needless to say she thought it was hilarious. They finished the laundry and I proceeded to start on lunch. Next thing I know they have wet rags and are on the floor scrubbing it….definitely not something to complain about- they both boasted about being big helpers- then told me how Cinderella had to do all of these chores too- Why thank you Walt Disney for inspiring my 4 year old twin boys to clean! Hmmm we have not seen Snow White yet... "Whistle while we do do do do do do!!!! "


  1. Keep encouraging them..That is so wonderful

  2. You're children are angels. I can't even get my son to find his clothes for the day without whining.

    I kinda miss the days without cable or internet, we spent a lot more time talking, good movies too.

    But then I wouldn't of met you wonderful women.

  3. I am follow you from MBC and also on twitter. dianne_mom-stuff

  4. So cute! :) 5 year old son is also starting to enjoy Disney Princess, but so far he like The Princess & the Frog! :)

    Following from MBC! :)

    Would ♥ to hear from you too! :)



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