Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Night With One Twin AND Cookies!

Yesterday my Grandmother- who the boys refer to as GG for Great Grandma offered to take one of the boys to spend the night. If you have twins or even more than one child you understand how valuable it is to to spend time with each child alone. Usually here, it is all about the boys as one, especially since they are twins. GG decided she would take Avery this week and give Aidan a turn next week. Last night Aidan and I decided to bake Organic Chocolate Chip cookies- This was awesome because it is hard for me to do anything like this with both of them- It can get totally out of control :) I think Aidan ate more than anything else during this process, but here are the pics I was able to take- We had lots of fun!


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  2. It's so great that you get one on one time with each of your boys. The cookies look delcicious and your boy looks like he's really good with baking.



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