Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blogs Worth Blogging About

This week I have once again read many awesome blogs! Way to go everyone for being so creative. I do have 3 in mind that really stuck out to me. 2 of them don't have the following that I think they deserve yet- but were going to work on that, aren't we? Please take the time to check them out and of course follow them if you like what you read!

Mommy Pants!- This is a blog by a young SAHM of an adorable baby girl Annabella- reading through her blog and profile there are many things that remind me of myself. She cloth diapers, baby wears and seems to hold an interest for a simpler more natural life style. She is very crafty and loves to sew! And was honest enough to admit she is not as patient as she though she would be. BTW she lives in Cali and I am very jealous ;)

Desperate for Coffee- Katie is hilarious- I love her witty comments and straight forward attitude. Maybe it is a New York thing- I dunno :) Did I mention she is a caffeine fan? Her style of writing is different and  lots of fun to read! I enjoy the fact that she will just outright say what is on her mind. Check her out- Her post titles  draw me in when I am checking out my dashboard!

Adventures with Baby- Mary has an adorable baby boy-Nathaniel and has had several different blogs. I am pretty sure this is her main one, feel free to correct me if I am mistaken. She is new to cloth diapering and documenting her experience along the way. She compiled a really cool list of all the giveaways she was interested in-makes for a good resource. She has had some lovely posts and is a supporter of many blogs and companies- THANKS :)

Next time you have a few minutes check these extraordinary ladies out!

Still running on dial-up :( I have many more blogs that I am working on adding to my reader. Sorry if I am slow checking you out, I am a busy mama! I tell myself I will have this time or that time to get things done-but inevitably it doens't happen like that! I am still trying to make it out to the library for a little highspeed access.
Oh and did you miss out on last night's post? I put up a review of Merry Hempsters Hemp Baby Salve- you can get one of 50 free salves, check it out :) Its really worth it- I love the stuff.


  1. Hey! I'm so glad you like my blog! And just to let you know I was out of chapstick today and bought some Merry Hempsters lip balm (I love it). This post made my day.

  2. Thank you so much! I really really really want to give ya a hug right now. THANK YOU!!!



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