Thursday, May 20, 2010

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*This WAS scheduled to post Tuesday-but for some reason it did not- One of those blogger quirks, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. AND of course my usual image for this is not loading..grrr

For today I only have 1- HELP!!!!! I am running out of blogs to blog about. I know they are out there. I just have not managed to stumble across them. I try to feature blogs that don't already have a TON of followers- because those people are already getting enough attention and honestly I am not trying to send hits to pages that are getting paid for it- I have been trying to share people who are dedicated and passionate about their blogs and are obviously not in it purely for income or some sort of gain. I get bored with blogs that every post listed in my reader is a review or giveaway of some sort- I want to know who YOU are by reading your blog, not your sponsors.

A little Sugar-n-Spice- This is a lovely one, if I do say so myself. This is a blog about a Christian stay at home mom of 3- And the babies are twins-YAY for moms of twins. She home schools, cloth diapers, breast feeds and baby wears :) She is also a small business- yes indeed she is crafty, check out her blog to learn more. She has links to her Etsy shop on there. Kudos to this busy mama!

Okay so I am reaching out for nominations!!! Please don't be shy, nominate yourself if need be :) All of my blogs featured thus far have been written by mothers- I think for now I want to keep it like that- Lets empower mamas everywhere :) We all have a voice- let yours be heard or

PS- You might be missing out on some great giveaways- check the giveaway tab at the top for more details!


  1. I started a blog last saturday. It isn't much yet, but I'm hoping it will be cool...

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I love sugar and spice.I am following her blog. Have you visited my favorite hair blog?

  3. Hannah, I love your blog and am now following you (found you through MBC). Right now I'm blogging about my life and the lives around me. Like you, I enjoy the blogs about Mom's perspectives more than entering the giveaways. When you get a chance come check me out at Have a great week!

  4. Found you through mbc and following your blog. I know what you mean about blogs where very post is some kind of review or giveaway. I like to read good personal posts too.

  5. You might want to re-think that, not all blogs with 'high' follower counts are getting paid to blog...Very few bloggers unless they are blogging for an actual corporation or e-merchant are getting paid to blog. Remember not all bloggers are mommies, and not all bloggers want their blog to read as an online diary. The variety is exactly what makes this space so great in my opinion!

  6. Tracy I agree- I know not all blogs with a high following are paid- I should have made that more clear. I enjoy all sorts of blogs, they are definitly not all mommy bloggers.With my current life experiences I can relate more to them, that is just a personal preference. I am absolutely equal opportunity and hope to find all sorts of things to post about...right now I live in mommyland so I suppose I am trending in that direction :)

  7. I suggest
    Very nice.
    I would suggest my blog too but you may think I have too many sponsors!
    Glad I found your blog!

  8. This is not a blog, but I have a green earth green home group on Cafe mom if you care to join us and share some green info!

  9. Hi,
    Iam following you from MBC. Pls. follow me when you get a chance.

  10. There are so many great blogs with sponsors! I want to get around to sharing everything I can. It is also easier for me to check out blogs without tons of ads and things b/c I am still stuck with dial-up since we moved!!!
    Thanks everyone for stopping by I can't wait to check you all out :)

  11. Hi Hannah! Stopping by from MBC! Hope you'll stop by and follow me too!

  12. Hello Hannah,
    I too, found you on MBC, and I too, am an eco-minded mama. I grew up in California, so being eco-conscious is a way of life for me, although there is always more to be done! I have been a long-time thrift store shopper for this reason, and my blog One Closet, One Year focuses on not buying or adding anything new (or used or borrowed) to my wardrobe for one year. I have also given myself the challenge of wearing a DIFFERENT outfit each day. Just to get out of my mama rut! Along the way I talk about my 4 kids and other topics of interest (home birth, circumcision,state pensions, to name a few!) I am nominating myself as you said that was kosher, although it does feel a little weird. I am enjoying your blog very much! Thank you!

  13. I don't write a personal blog but I am very passionate about it! I write helpful hints, experience, product recommendations, green products, and general things I wish I knew before I had my twins! I am an RN with experience in Labor and Delivery which gives me a bit of insight (maybe too much?!)
    I hope you will stop by!
    Janice of



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