Monday, May 3, 2010

The Merry Hempsters- 50 Hemp Baby Salves to Giveaway!

I have loved The Merry Hempsters lip balms since I was in High School. So I was very excited when I was in Whole Foods to find that they were offering a Hemp Baby Salve. I have to be very careful when choosing diapering products because we use cloth. Most diaper rash ointments and salves can do major damage to your cloth diapers and even some that claim to be cloth diaper friendly, are actually not. I have had absolutely NO issues with my diapers when using this Hemp Baby Salve on Adelea’s little bum. The packaging is a larger version of a lip balm tube which makes it super easy to apply with no mess! It is a vegan, petroleum free salve made with certified organic herbal infusions. In addition to being great for diaper use it doubles as a first aid salve. You can use it for cuts, abrasions, skin irritations and open wounds (after the chance for infection is gone) this is by far my favorite baby product. When you open it up you can immediately smell the lavender essential oil, very calming for baby and adults too! Everything they offer is extremely affordable- I love being able to make healthy and eco friendly choices for my family on a budget! More information on the entire line of Merry Hempsters Products can be found on their website!

Adelea likes it too!

A little background on The Merry Hempsters-
The Merry Hempsters have been in the business since 1994. They are extremely dedicated to promoting the extraordinary benefits of hempseed oil. They strive to offer environmentally friendly body care products, they were actually one of the first to achieve an organic accreditation-they were certified in 2005. Each one of their product’s main ingredient is certified organic Cannabis Sativa (hemp) seed oil. Hempseed oil is made up of over 80% essential fatty acids; this enables the products to effectively replenish missing oils in dry skin. All of the products are mixed and poured by HAND. We sure do love handmade around here. It ensures that the quality and consistency is top notch.
Cannabis Sativa or Hemp's possibilities are endless-please look for future posts on the many uses of Hemp!

Good News- The products are certified Vegan, Cruelty and Gluten free! Soon all of the salves with be available certifeid USDA Organic!

I liked this stuff so much I actually contacted the company to get permission to use some pictures for the review. They were kind enough to send me some of the other salves and lip balms to try out. They are all amazing and I will be talking about them in future posts. Not only were they generous enough to do that, they have offered to send out 50 free Hemp baby Salves to readers of my blog!!!! Make sure you check out their website. They make a wonderful selection of products including Organic and Vegan Lip balms, Muscle rubs and a variety of salves.
                      *This review was not paid for nor requested by The Merry Hempsters Comapny*

To receive a free baby salve follow these few simple steps and one will be on the way to you soon!

1. Go the and tell me which other product you might be interested in.

2. Choose One
       A. Find Merry Hempters here on facebook and become a fan!

       B. Follow this blog!

 Leave a comment letting me know that your done.

If you are one of the first 50 commenter’s please send an e-mail with you shipping info to myecofamily(at)gmail(dot)com

Hope you enjoy your Hemp Baby Salve :)


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  2. I would like to try the cool muscle rub. I'm already a huge fan of their lip balm

  3. the link is broken! the one in this link:
    "1. Go the and tell me which other product you might be interested in."

    ...I'm interested in the cool hemp muscle rub! and i fanned them on facebook

  4. I follow your blog and I would love to try their hemp baby salve

  5. oh, and I'd love to try their flavoured lip balms too!

  6. I follow your blog AND I fanned the Merry Hempsters on Facebook.

    I love the lip balms. And the bump and bruise balm. I'd really like to try all of it!!

  7. I would love to have a tube of the baby salve, I already love the lip balm, my all time favorite will always be the peppermint. Also, I follow this blog.



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