Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blogs Worth Blogging About

Sorry it’s REALLY late in the day, but hey it is still Tuesday, so I feel like I am doing pretty well. We were busy for the first part of the day; a friend of mine from high school came over with her son, who is about the same age as the boys. What a circus- three- 4 year old boys! Bless the soul of any mother of multiple boys, 2 can be ridiculous but anymore than that God help you! I do intend at some point to write about the wonderful yet insane life of raising multiples. Now for this weeks- Blogs Worth Blogging About.

Reaping What I Sow- This lovely Mama of two has a lot to share! She has her original “Etsy Love” featuring amazing shops, shares kid’s activities and pieces of her everyday life. She is also sharing her struggles with a possible Autism diagnosis for her almost 15 month old son- She is a very strong woman, mother and wife.

Grrrrr Cancer!- Sarah, a mom and her battle with her 4 year old son Sven’s diagnosis of cancer a year ago ( he is now 5). It is heartbreaking to see children with cancer- but this mom’s strength is inspiring- she attempts to approach her anxiety about cancer with humor and says that it gets easier with time. Sarah is delightful and I believe they will “kick cancer’s butt”!

Inside My Heart- I am so happy to have found this blog! I love it- This mama’s motto seems to be “living and loving naturally”. Now this is my kind of stuff :) She is a newbie-but I cannot wait to see more. She has some great posts already about re-purposing things and her garden- not to mention the great circumcision debate.

Once again I am going to ask you kindly to give these ladies all of the attention they deserve- You never know you might just learn something new :) That is why I love the Internet and blogging, you get to experience so many things that we might never get the chance to explore! Happy Reading. BTW- would anyone be interested in posting their own Blogs Worth Blogging About? I had considered creating a Link-Up for it, but wanted to know if there would be an actual interest- Let me know.


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  2. Great list, once again, thanks! I would consider doing something similar - I know so many great bloggers out there...

    Peryl (blog.seattlepi.com/parentingadabsurdum/ - my login goes to an old blog, technically incompetent as I am...)

  3. I feel very honored being such newbie! Thank you so much! I hope my blogs continue to be worth reading :)



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