Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yucky Weather Holding Me Back

I have some amazing people that I am working with for some reviews and giveaways- I already have the reviews written, but whats a good review without some amazing pictures? The weather here has been on the chilly side, grey and raining for days and days blah....come on sunshine and warm spring weather I NEED you and my artists and crafts people need you too. I have some cool apparel and things that deserve pictures in the beautiful, bright and sunny outdoors! I had not checked the weather yet today but I hope it will change soon. I do not want anyone to think I am slacking. I really want to do a good job and have my readers not get bored looking at the inside of my house. Thanks for being patient- You are all wonderful. I do have a cloth diaper review that does not need the outdoors- so that will go up possibly tomorrow....oooo and it has a giveaway too...time to feed some one's stash!!!! I am also working with a company who is launching a line of organic baby products next week- I just got them in the mail today and WOW you will love these! Can't wait to share :) Much love to you all!
Do any of you by chance know someone who would help me out getting my blog design worked on?  I know what I want but I am not savvy in that department, so some help would be very much appreciated- I would love to trade for some advertising on the page or something- Thanks and e-mail me Do look for a major re-design of this blog in the near future (hopefully)

Here is what it look like today-see even Adelea thought it was crappy-no smiles-

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