Sunday, May 16, 2010


These days it is hard to shop in mainstream stores and find classy and adorable little girl’s clothing. Everything is obnoxious with glitter and plastered with not-so-cute sayings like “Drama Queen” and “Princess”. Girls clothing has definitely gone down hill over the years. They are making things for them to wear that look inappropriate even for teenagers. All of this scared me when I found out I was having a girl. I have been so used to primary colors, simple designs, bugs, dinos and tools. How easy it has been to find great clothes for my twin boys.

Thank goodness for talented people and handmade clothing! I am always able to find something that will look precious and preserve my daughter’s time as a little girl. I want to share some of the treasures I have found, in a new series called Choose Handmade. Not only will I be featuring some lovely ladies who make adorable little girls clothing, but all kinds of other great finds too! In a day in time that everything is mass produced in factories overseas, let’s get back to the basics and pledge to choose handmade!


  1. Wonderful! I couldn't agree more and will be excited to see the wonderful artists you feature! :)

  2. Thanks- First one is up now and there are many more to com!



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